Monday, August 04, 2014

The month of August had flown by so quickly and it welcomes us with rainy season and a bipolar breeze. It seems just like yesterday when I was lying down on the shorelines of Bataan getting tanned skin and catching fishes in those clear blue waters while my siblings build their sandcastles.

Well, summer time is long gone and typhoons are coming in and out. It's always smart to bring a jacket or sweater to protect you from rain and to keep you warm. If it's a hassle for you to bring a jacket why not wrap it around your waste to add character to your look and to give a more stylish enterpretation of your OOTD.

I chose to wear maroon, navy blue and black because these are my favorite colors to match with any palette and I decided to wear all my favorite hint pieces in one look. I am always the minimalist type when it comes to styling and fashion, I always believe that less is more but there are diferent perspectives to that. If you're wearing a bright or solid colored or a patterned top, try to match it with plain bottoms to accentuate the main piece of your look. Also, it's okay to get different colors and layers as long as you make one stand out of the other. Never use too much bold pieces in one outfit if you want to look classy, neat and approachable. Always make one stand out of the other, if you want to choose two bold statements, make sure that these two are complementing or contrasting in a good way or your outfit can look terrible.

For me, button-down shirts are must-haves. The classic shape and sillhouette of a button-down can make you look slim and proportion especially of you get one in your exact size. Also being a "button-down" it looks neater, cleaner and more classy and stylish than regular polos because it holds up the collar to avoid flapping and unwanted awkward sillhouettes.

Rucksacks have been the new craze since last year and this my second RuckSack I bought at Flying Dutchman. I love the Navy Blue canvas and Mahogany Brown leather details and how it can match different color pallettes of different outfits. Also, the bag is very strong and can carry lots of stuff like books, SLRs, extra clothes, headphones, tablets, Macbook Air, etc.

I have always been a fan of Vans and their cool fresh designs. This Black Canvas with gold details and Brown sole is a must buy for fashionistas and fashionistos who would want to wear sneakers but still looking classy and sophisticated. Also, it's a perfect buy for people who have difficulties in matching clothes because this pair is a master match to any of your palettes and outfits.

Button-down Shirt, FLYING DUTCHMAN
Black Skinny Jeans, 21MEN
Black Hoodie (Used as Wrap-up), BENCH
Black Sneakers, VANS

Photos by: Karla Elefante

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