Thursday, February 07, 2013

Last last Friday, January 25, 2013, we went out of town with my blockmates and professor Miss Mia 
for our Architectural Design Class. Basically, this trip doubles as a site visit to explore/study and a 
vacation getaway to unwind from our previous "hell term". So, our chosen destination for this term 
was the island of Camiguin. Honestly, the decision wasn't unanimous, I didn't want to go to Camiguin 
because it was an unknown place for me and it's already in Mindanao and I was scared. I didn't have 
any option so I decided to join the trip.

Our trip went super exciting than I expected because it was my first time riding a plane with my 
friends because I usually go out of town or abroad with my family. First, we rode a plane from Manila 
going to Cagayan De Oro because it's nearest to Camiguin and it's the only way to go there. 
When we landed in Cagayan De Oro, we had to ride a van which was included in our Resort/trip 
package. We rode in the van for 2 hours after an hour and a half plane travel, it's quite tiring. We didn't 
explore around Cagayan but the people were very nice and it's a very nice place.
From Cagayan De Oro airport we stopped at Philstone Shipping Corporation where we rode an old 
ferry to get to Camiguin. It was really fun because it had been a long time since I last rode a ship.
And my first time to ride a ferry with some of my closest friends. 
(L-R starting from the tall guy in stripes: Gemar, Kate, Astrid, Maco, Baham, Matt, Yna, Lucy,
Cholo, Maxine, me, Rachel, and Charm)
Tada! The island of Camiguin. It looked kind of creepy because our trip was supposedly in the middle 
of a storm but it didn't matter. The Island was covered in clouds and it looked as if it was the bermuda 
triangle in some movies. From afar the island looked really small but once you're in it it's like a big city. 
We rode the ferry for 1 hour or less and we were amazed to see the super clean and clear seawater 
surrounding Camiguin, you can see the fishbeds and corals underneath our ship.
As soon as we docked, we rode our second van, that was also included in the package, that brought us 
to our lovely resort, Bahay-Bakasyunan sa Camiguin. When we arrived, we all dropped our jaw because 
we didn't expect that the resort was that wonderful. The interiors were amazing, the accomodations 
were wonderful, the food was super delicious, and the money we spent was worth it. Take a look for 
yourself and see how they mixed modern with traditional filipino design. Also the place looked very 
tranquil and relaxing because of the vegetation and all those coconut trees surrounding the resort.
So our first day was all about having fun and exploring around the resort. Our day two was our first 
beach getaway. We rode a bangka going to Mantigue Island. It's a very nice and serene island, the sand 
is white and the water is crystal clear though it's not very suitable for swimming because the corals and 
fishbeds are near the shoreline. We had fun snorkeling and playing in the deep water where you can see 
a lot of fishes under it. There was also this small forest in the middle of the island where there are lots 
of unique trees and plants only found there.

Oh, and the food at the resort were super yummy, especially the lunch and dinner platters. There were 
a lot of serving and different varieties from vegetables to soup to squid to chicken to fish and so on.
We also went out that night to buy drinks and to roam around the town plaza or the "bayan" as we
Filipinos cal it. We went on a food trip buying barbecues, fruits, pastries, etc. And we had fun at the
hotel, mixed some cocktails and played some spin the bottles and King's Cup. 
Day 3 was a busy day because it's that time we toured around the island from the White Island to the 
Katibawasan Falls to the Ardent Hot Springs and alot more. We also visited the station of the cross and 
the Sunken Cemetery and some Chuch ruins, it was a very historical adventure.
Our Day 4 was all about Site visit and study. Our class was divided into 5 groups that would develop 
and study the 5 municipalities of Camiguin. It was a tiring yet fun site visit and we got to see old 
historical place and heritage areas that we never knew existed in Camiguin.
Over all, our Camiguin trip was very worth the time, money and effort. I didn't expect our trip to be 
this amazing and breathtaking. I would definitely go back there and I'll bring my family with me. And 
let's just hope I do a good job on my project for Camiguin. Hope you had fun reading and browsing 
through the pictures of my Camiguin journey.

If you want to know the packages, costings and itinerary from our trip, just comment here your e-mail 
address or e-mail me at peejalmera@gmail.com. Thanks! :)

All photos are shot and owned by PJ ALMERA. :)
If you want to share or copy the photo, credit me or post a link of my blog. Thank You! :)

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  2. Nice photo's. Reminds me of my own visits to Camiguin.
    The resort looks beautiful. Last time i spent my nights in Pabua's Cottages, Yumbing.
    I guess it's a bit cheaper but still very nice and clean.

  3. Hi nice photos and info! I'm task to plan for an event and trip to Camiguin so far this is a recent blog for reference. ^_^ I was wondering how much you budgeted for the whole trip especially on the accom. Thanks for the help!

  4. Great photos you have there! The Bahay Bakasyunan looks great.

  5. Hi! We visited Camiguin last month and I must say it is indeed spectacular! :D I recommend KUYA NATO as a tour guide. He has motorcycles and multi-cabs for tours.
    He was our life saver! We were arrived at the port late for our ferry back to Balingoan port and we had a 4pm flight back to Manila to catch. He hurriedly thought of an alternative and he drove us to his friends home who was a fisherman. He suggested that we rent the pumpboat to take us to Balingoan port and they gave it to us for a discounted price since we were just 2 girls travelling. We made it to the CDO airport 1 1/2 hours before our flight thanks to KUYA NATO!

    His contact details are: 09056967618

  6. Hi there! Can you send me an email about the package, costings, and itinerary of your trip? This is my e.add -- ja_flores7@yahoo.com. Thanks a lot!

  7. I WILL NOT RECOMMEND KUYA NATO, BAD experience, We were there Sept.22, 2013 we had a bad day cause of the weather, our fast jet sched was cancelled. we were forced to go straight to Balingoan Port, we were there 9:30 am and there were only 2 ferries scheduled because of the weather . We were 5 persons away from the start of the PILA for the ticket for 1:45 departure. when the window opens... GRABEEEEE . andaming sumingit, and there were fixers at the door of the booth, all of us who were there at 11:00am (PILA) were not able to get the ticket, the girl told us that it was full (Super Ferry Booth) siya pa ang galet sa nakapila dahil unahan daw, inuna nya ung mga fixers na kakilala nya ... (that girl should be reprimanded by their office). We were able to get the last trip at 4:45pm and reach Camiguin at 6:00pm....

    I contacted Kuya Nato 2 weeks before and finalize it even though we had a bad experience going there, we were picked up, I ask the guy if he is Kuya Nato, he said No, tomorrow daw cya ang mag tour(kuya nato), the driver ask us to pay P450. we gave him 500. Then the next day another person picked us, we have our tour at 7:30am and finished it at 11:30 cause we have to be back to Cagayan, when we reach Benoni port. I gave him 1000.(for full payment).I asked him if he is kuya nato, he said yes.

    And sabi niya kulang daw. He told me that I should give him 1500. cause the package is (1500 whole day tour + hotel to port (vice versa) 500 = total 2000. I told him that we gave the driver 500 last night and Kuya Nato told me na hindi daw cya un, I told him that baket ganun, baket hindi ikaw ang sumundo sa amin at binilin mo kami sa iba. may nangyari daw. So I told him that its not our fault cause ndi namn kami makikilala ng sumundo sa amin if not for him. and he should told us ahead that he will not be the one who will picked us up. ayaw nya pumayag for 1K, we only have our tour for only 4 hours... I told him that we agreed the 1500 tour + port-hotel (vice versa), I even have the txt that we had in my cp. but we he did not recognize it cause he told me that he was not the one who picked us up .. that pisses me off, cause its not our fault that he was not the one who picked us and it was also his fault that a diff. person picked us up.

    My ate told me just pay the addtl. so that we can leave. I gave him the additional 500. and we left. but before we left I told him that never do it again to others cause PANGLOLOKO ang ginawa nya .....

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