Saturday, January 05, 2013

Played with some Fireworks during New Year's Eve.
Played with fire. I'm a caveman!
With my super cool uncle (Dean of EAC College of Nursing) at Royale Tagaytay LOL
With my bros at our Christmas Party get together.
Opening of Gifts on Christmas Eve.
My first time to be part of the Sartorial Friday at the Power Plant Mall.
My first test shot using my brand new Phottix Studio Lighting equipments.
One of my fave pica-pica, hungarian sausages.
Before our Medya Noche (?) Feast at home.
Friday Night out with some of my High School friends,
First time to eat at the "new" Breakfast at Antonio's.
I am loving the new interiors as well as the open pantry.
With my cousins at our New Year's Day get together at AE Resort.
I am afraid of spiders, especially the hairy ones but I love my shot of it. LOL
Went to Residence Inn and saw a lot of Birds, birds, birds.
I saw this ostrich tackling a wild boar, it's super funny. Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of the actrion.
Ding some nature photography along the way.
With my lovely family, my dad took the photo.
Finally I''ve tasted the food of Pamana. I've always wanted to eat there but there are always a lot of people.
Loving this Chandelier and all the other antique decorations.
At Residence Inn, there's this room called Love Bird's Sanctuary where you can feed and hold the birds. 
My uncle went home from Vietnam to celebrate christmas with us.
Ate a lot of sweets, gained too much weight. LOL

 I had so much fun during my Holiday Vacation. How bout you? Share some of your Holiday Highlights and comment the link below.

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  1. lovely photos! :)
    - happy new year

  2. great photos!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Let me know and I'll follow you right back :)

  3. hi Happy newyear! great pics and i wish you the best.

    Dont forget to pass by my blog for my 1st GIVEAWAY

  4. amazing photos! I love your blog!