Style Spot 1: SDA Architecture

Friday, August 03, 2012

This my first Syle Spot post where I look for random people who dress well in school, the street, the mall etc. You dont have to wear branded or expensive clothes, as long as you look good and you can carry it without trying to hard. 

This is a chance for everybody  and anybody to be featured. Also, you can get some inspirations on finding your style and expressing yourself.


Felix's style today was a rugged preppy look. His printed top breaks off the preppy pieces into a more street and rugged style. The beige pants gives a good contrast with the black shirt and matches very well with his 3 toned Sebago Topsider. The bag gives a big impact to his style because of its unique look and texture, also his glasses is a big fashion statement.


Maxin's style a toned-down rocker style. Her washed denim vest looks good with the gray Batik-like tank top. She goes with a safe bottoms, leggings, always a girls beloved garment. The flats give it a glamorous look with its zebra pattern and fur texture. Great combination of mono and texture.


Anton's style is a very laid back preppy look. His canary yellow shirt catches the eyes of people though its a very simple 3 button baseball shirt. his gray cardigan and washed jeans desaturate the yellow which make it looks more pleasant for the eyes, not too much popping, and a perfect layering for the kind of weather. His topsider matches well with his color pallette, good choice! Lastly, his gold framed glasses with cool eccentric details gives him a more fashionable look that completes his laid back style.


Pam's outfit is a good example of a lazy designer style. Wearing a Plain white V-neck top and a black skinny jeans never goes out of style as well as comfort. Her periwinkle leopard print scarf gives her outfit a great statement of being bold and stylish, a great way to clash with the basics. A camel leather flats look good too with the her color palette. A great look for the bipolar weather.


Janina's outfit depicts a very casual laid back style. Sweater is back in town this August (watch out for my later post about plain sweaters), and Janina is one of the few that sported it. You can never go wrong with an oversized Black sweater and 80s shade of denim skinny jeans. Her Adidas backpack gives her a cool vibe for a cute girl in big lenses.


Jorge's style is one of my favorite because his outfit never goes out of style. A nautical navy blue polo shirt with red pin stripes and collar piping matched with a stone washed cropped shorts is a really good way to give a relax vibe and a preppy nautical look. His red Vans sneakers added more color (but not too much) to his outfit, and the white socks, classic! His camo print backpack gives his style a break but it doesn't clash as much because nowadays, pattern with pattern is back in action, also it gives his over all look more swagger.

What a cute couple that's Donna (Luy), my make up artist, and yes her boyfriend Jorge. :)

Photographed By: PJ Almera
Style Report By: PJ Almera
Assisted By: Donna Luy

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