Saturday, August 11, 2012

One Direction is now one of the biggest boy group in the world.
They have influenced a lot of people in terms of music and mostly of style, and I'd have to stay they really got some taste in fashion. They do know how to wear clothes and to make it look good. Even when wearing plain white tees and Chuck Taylors they never fail to give us that wow, X Factor that they've always had.

Harry Styles
That fluffy, curly hair is what Harry is all about, with just a plain shirt and a whip of those locks, you'll hear girls scream.
Style Direction: Blazers with Sartorial Patches, Knitted beanies, Converse Shoes, over sized bowties, leather belts, low rise jeans, and plain v necks.
Louis Tomlinson
His personality is the most influencial being loud and bubbly and all that. His bed hair style and his killer smile  rocks!
Style Direction: Stripes, over sized knitted sweaters, Red/ maroon rolled up pants, Brogues, and of course Suspenders.

Zayn Malik
Zayn's pompadour hairstyle is what makes him stand out from the group, he got the most swag and the prettiest eyes.
Style Direction: Letterman Varsity Jackets, torned denim jeans, colored blazers, and a good pair of sneakers.

Niall Horan
Talk about an Irish accent, and that blonde wavy locks. His style is often smart casual or skater boy look.
Style Direction: Polo Shirts, Comme Des Garcons tops, cardigans, tank tops,. Supra Shoes, and perfect style of watch.
Liam Payne
Liam, being like, the "leader", of the group  he carries everyone with his angelic voice.
Style Direction: Button down shirts, Plaids, vests, Converse, and button-less cardigans.

All the boys in black suits, that oversized bowtie that Harry is wearing adds charm to his look, very bold choice as well.

Take a look at Louis' suspenders and rolled up pants style, very iconic. And check out  Niall's Comme Des Garcons Sweater, stylish!

Even when they're just caught up by the paparazzi they never fail to amaze us with their fashion sense like, Zayn's denim button down shirt with red plaid detail, Louis' knitted sweater and leather gloves, and Niall's killer Supra shoes.

This is one of my favorites, the boys on a gray formal wear, all of them gave maximum effort in prepping up. Niall's Harem Pants is to die for, Harry's over sized bowtie again is so cute, Zayn's double breasted coat makes him look more mature, Louis' rolled up pants andtwo-toned brogues are my fave, and of course the very classy matchy vest and trousers of Liam is smokin.

Zayn's monochromatic varsity jacket with leather accents is a must for guys. 

Always the stylish ones, Zayn and Louis, always catches my eye.

Code Maroon, I love Zayn and Harry's Blazer.

The red pants, such a blod statement. Really smart look also for all of them, each had a detail of red, spot it.

Even back in the good old X Factor days, they already have swag.

They made color blocking more fun.

And in their casual, everyday lazy outfits, still stylish.

Can't wait to see more of their upcoming style and of course their upcoming Album! Can;t wait to have it in my playlist. Will be posting more articles about them maybe articles on their individual style expeciall Zayn and Louis.

So, what do you think directioners? Hope you enjoy reading this Article because I am a directioner as well.. :)

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  1. This has given me some ideas that I would really like to try out one of these days. Thank you for that! :)